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SSL Certificates

Build user trust and confidence by securing data transmission.

The primary reason why SSL is used is to keep sensitive information sent across the Internet encrypted so that only the intended recipient can understand it.

This is important because the information you send on the Internet is passed from computer to computer to get to the destination server. We can help you protect your site and ensure it stays protected, giving you more time to focus on your business.

Secure your site with an SSL Certificate

We provide domain, wildcard, business and green bar verifications.


started $19.99/year

Domain Validation

With www and without


started $149.99/year

Wildcard Validation

Domain and all sub domains validation


started $59.99/year

Business Validation

Business name Validation

EV Business

started $249.99/year

Business Validation

Business validation with greenbar

Protect Sensitive User Data

You need to buy an SSL certificate. The SSL connection will encrypt the data.

Increase Customer Trust

Everyone are used to seeing the green lock icon on the resources we often use. This sign says: here it is safe, everything will be fine.

Improve SEO Results

Nowadays it is very important for search engines to see your SSL certificate to boost you to top.


How does SSL work?

An SSL certificate is a program installed on a web server. The program consists of two parts. The first part is the key that encrypts the data, the second is the private key that decrypts the data. When a client starts a browser and connects to a server protected by SSL technology, a unique session is created using these two keys.

Why I need SSL certificate?

If important information is sent or received via your website, customers can expect that their information will be secured with an SSL certificate. Visitors can leave your site if they see that it is not protected.

What is SSL Wildcard?

Wildcard - certificates allow you to protect not only the main domain of the site, but all subdomains. For example:

Which advantages I have by buying certificates of the highest category?

Domain verification certificates provide only encryption of the connection, while the highest category certificates not only encrypt the connection but also provide your customers with confidence in the legitimacy of your business.

Do I need technical assistance to install an SSL certificate on my site?

Installing a certificate is not difficult, but it is associated with a process that is unique to each server. The certification center has published instructions for generating a CSR signing request and installing it.

If you are using our hosting we will be happy to install SSL certificate for you.

What is a CSR digital signature?

A CSR digital signature is a key that is generated by a web server and then sent to a certification authority to create a final certificate.

Can I renew my SSL certificate?

After installing the certificate, we can not update it. But if you need a higher category security certificate, you can purchase it and install it on the same server where the old certificate is installed. If you do not need to install a higher category certificate right now, then wait until the installed certificate expires and install another one.

Do SSL certificates work in all browsers?

SSL certificates are compatible with all of the browsers.

What is an SSL certificate and why is it needed?

An SSL certificate is a kind of unique digital signature on your site. Such a certificate is needed, first of all, to banks, payment systems and other organizations working with personal data - to protect transactions and prevent unauthorized access to information. The SSL certificate confirms that the domain belongs to a real company and you can trust them.

  •  Full name of the certificate holder.
  •  Owner's public key.
  •  Certificate Start Date
  •  Certificate End Date.
  •  Publisher Digital Signature.
  •  Full name of the certificate authority.

Extended Validation SSL=

As the highest 'class' of SSL available, Extended Validation SSL Certificates (EV SSL) activate both the padlock and the green address bar in all major browsers.

EV SSL Certificates provide the strongest encryption available and enable the organization behind a website to present its own verified identity to visitors.

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