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Reseller Hosting

Reselling hosting is sharing resources of a physical or virtual server with a view to resale them under a different brand. In this case, the reseller can either purchase the server and divide it into hosting packages independently, or use a ready-made solution (special tariff) from the hosting company. The advantage for the reseller is that the hardware and the organization of its work (the maintenance of a physical server, cooperation with the data center) the upstream hosting provider takes over. Reseller hosting is essentially virtual hosting, or so-called shared hosting, but with the possibility of reselling hosting services.


started $19.99/month

Free Domain Name

30 GB Storage

3000 GB Bandwidth

Unlimited Hosting Accounts (After 10 each $0.2)


started $39.99/month

Free Domain Name

100 GB Storage

1 TB Bandwidth

Unlimited Hosting Accounts (After 10 each $0.2)

Lightning Fast

Our data center utilizes the latest technology giving you one of the highest speeds on the market!

Uptime Guarantee

100% uptime guarantee. Please see Terms for more details.

Fully Supported

Most system packages updates itself by default. If any issue occurs you are free to get in touch with us.

Additional Tools

150+ popular web application with one click auto installer.

User Friednly

Easy to manage your own website without having to rely on experts!

Auto Monitored
Server Protection

Hosting with partial protection from DDoS-attacks will allow once and for all and make you forget about the problems with the security of the site.


How much does it cost the renewal of any domain?

Usually it costs as much as in the first year. But there are some cases, when you have to pay more or less or get it even for free (it depandes on domain zone or web hosting service type).

Sometimes we have limited special offers as well.

Domain names

How many IP addresses will I get?

We provide you a VPS with one IPv4 address. You can always order additional IPv6-addresses in your account.

What kind of Support will I Get? uses real-time email 24/7 and chat almost around the clock to provide timely support to our customers. Please note that with a large load of those, support the answer to your question may take a little longer than usual. We provide technical support through our support department using only e-mail and live chat.

Where are your servers located?

Our servers are located in Germany.

I want to transfer my site to your hosting. What do I need to do?

You need to make an order and pay for hosting services. After receipt of payment for services, within 24 hours you will receive a letter with the parameters of access to the hosting account. Upload your website to the hosting. Also, those experts. Support can help for free with copying and transferring files. To do this, you must send access to the current hosting or put a backup site on a hosting account.

Is that free to transfer sites from another hosting?

Yes, you can count on a free transfer from another hosting, but not at the time of use of the test period.

Are there limits on sending emails?

Our hosting packages include 50-200 emails per hour. There are no restrictions on dedicated servers and VPS.

Difference between Dedicated , WEB , VPS hosting

At first, let’s understand why do you need to know the difference between this hosting services. Because of in this case you can choose for your site “the best” server which will be satisfy all your requirements. Before deciding which one hosting service to choose explore your app. Find out.

  •  How much traffic would you use daily, monthly. If you want to create next Facebook it would be better to know your traffic by hours.
  •  Is it possible traffic spikes. If yes, how much and in which hours.
  •  Security requirements.
  •  Technical support requirements.
  •  Do you need a dedicated IP address.
  •  Do you need root access.
  •  Do you need a private SSL.
  •  Your monthly budget.

User Friendly Control Panel

All of our hosting packages include the industry leading control panel which means it's super easy for you to manage your own website without having to rely on experts!

We offer a fully functional cPanel demo which will allow you to see how it is easy to use.

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